Sally: A Memoir


Sally: A Memoir is the story of my mother’s journey through aging and finally her death in hospice care.  I walked with her, as did all of my family;  I miss her terribly yet am so joyful for her that she is again free.

My mother’s illness and death provided the story that I had searched for to explain my love for those that are dying. I find the end-of-life a very sacred time with people, as they begin to explore their mortality and delve deeply within themselves.  As with birth at the start of life, assisting this process as we prepare to leave this life is an honor. I was privileged to help my own mother during her illness, and especially to spend her last night on earth with her.  She allowed me to hold sacred space for her as she transitioned from this life to the next.  It was a gift that I will treasure forever.

Life as a Prayer is my second book, and currently in the editing process.  Watch for it in the months ahead!



Reflective Writing Workshops

Writing through Loss to Resolution 

3-part workshop for those facing a loss of any kind

This deeply reflective workshop allows our grief to open and be expressed through the written word. This 3-part series will afford time to delve deeply into our emotions privately, find support through others, and to be lead towards resolution. Using meditative prompts, the participants will be encouraged to explore deeply as they are comfortable, and will be lead towards healing as new inner awareness emerges.

Available to  support groups anywhere through video conferencing

Groups of 4-5     $120/person                                   Groups 6 or more  $100/person


I have always kept a journal, and consider myself a writer…I was surprised at what I learned with Marggie. Between…breathing and meditation techniques,…and the atmosphere she provides, I have learned many things that I will be putting to use in my daily rituals. Very helpful and very enlightening….would definitely recommend to my family and friends…. Carrie W. L.