Marggie Hatala

Author, Instructor, Inner Life Coach, Certified Doulagivers Trainer

About Me

Marggie Hatala is passionate about the life within us, our eternal selves. Using her years of work with those at the end of their lives in our world, she has learned firsthand the need for life closure as people prepare to transition to the next reality.  Marggie is a Hospice RN, a Reiki Master (an ancient Japanese healing technique), and Holistic Healer Practitioner who long ago learned to use a wide variety of tools in her own life to promote peace and contentment.  As she developed this awareness, she realized she was viewing our world very differently from our culture’s outer focus. Marggie now dedicates her life to assisting others to develop and deepen this journey in their lives.

Marggie is the author of Sally: A Memoir and Life as a Prayer, leads Reflective Writing Workshops, and works individually with clients seeking a deep inner connection in Embrace Your Inner Self LLC.

In her work within Doulagivers of Door County WI LLC, Marggie offers her depth of experience and knowledge about end of life 

caregiving and issues, acting as a Certified Doulagivers Specialist and Lead Training Specialist for Doulagivers End of Life Training Program. In every capacity, Marggie guides those she mentors towards a deeply peaceful inner relationship, while training them in solid fundamentals of caring for those facing the end of their lives.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Marggie uses her many years of study within Integrative and Holistic Healthcare to provide her readers and clients with a firm, scientific basis from which to make life-style choices. Her extensive experience within energy medicine has led her to incorporate daily spiritual practices so that her mindfulness and presence can be shared with those she touches.

Marggie’s leisure time is spent creating fiber art or enjoying the natural beauty surrounding her home in Door County, Wisconsin. Together with her husband Bob, she enjoys wonderful family time with her beloved children and grandchildren.

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