Home, at last

Deep roots for my soul

We’ve been living in our new home for over three weeks now, and it continues to delight us!  It is amazing what feeling settled does for my soul, for my feeling of permanence.  We rented for the first year and a half here in Door County while our previous home was on the market.  Renting was fine, a really nice place.  But I need a house to call my own, a home that I can put my roots deep into.  And here we are and loving every minute of it!  Once again to make our home our life, caring for it, enjoying it, and filling it with our own creative style.

With this long holiday weekend ahead, while most of America will be at parades and picnics,  you can find me unpacking the last of our boxes.  Happily.  And ready to kick back and celebrate our wonderful life.