The Art of Surrender

Facing my resistance….again

Why is surrendering my control so very difficult at times? I have found the past few weeks spiritually painful as I lost my openness and flow. I knew that it was there, that I was in process and that it would again return. I had an incredible energy session from a friend, and later a massage from another healer. Finally, I feel reconnected and much more alive today.

I know clearly that life is a process; that we are here to seek, to desire, and to find our way through times of openness as well as times of blindness. Yet those times spent in the desert, thirsty for the awesome experience of connection with all of life, are so painful. I struggle through them each time and am learning greater patience as I do. And then I find the reopening a wonderful gift. I am grateful today for the help of those gifted practitioners and friends that help guide my way, and the deep surrender I once again feel. My body is alive. My spirit is joyful. Namaste.