Sally: A Memoir


Sally: A Memoir

My mother’s story….my journey

It was just a year ago that I was editing my book,  and preparing to publish. This year has found me taking steps that are new, finding steady ground as I gradually moved from my life as I knew it then, to the life of my soul’s work.

It was my mother’s story that gave me the words to embark on this journey. The path had existed within me for many years before, which allowed me to begin to name my vision and to reach for it. I now am an End-of-Life Consultant; an author, speaker, teacher, and guide to those in the end stages of life. It is a path that my soul has never allowed me to stray far from; and I now feel  relief and gratitude for living fully from it at this time.

My mother’s story was her own; yet it echoes the walk through aging and decline, the maturing of mother/daughter relationships, and the hospice experience that many can closely relate to. I share it with the intention of touching others at any stage of their life, helping to open ever deeper within.




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