My Soul’s Elemental Nature


In our new home, we are slowly personalizing our space. We’ve lived here almost a year, and have savored this home and yard’s beauty daily. Yet the long winter’s darkness cried out for a fireplace to carry us through. We had enjoyed our outdoor fire pit until the subzero blast took over in November, leaving us without the cozy warmth that only fire can produce.  And my soul spoke loudly too, calling for the lacking element that my vision and dreams need to help them stay vibrant and alive.

We added a wonderful free standing stove this week. We are indulging in the beauty and warmth that it adds visually and physically to our space, and our gratitude for the long awaited placement is keen. I already feel the boost to my soul with renewed clarity of purpose and energy to move forward. When I listen to my deepest need, my inner voice, and just my plain human want….it’s amazing what changes happen!