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Sharing my life

Summer’s early weeks have passed, and we are approaching the July 4th celebration. Our weather has been cool and wet, with many days of crisp sunshine to get outdoors and drink in my community. I have enjoyed the busy streets and cafes of the vacation area that I live in, and I am able to share all of this with my family as each of them visits in the weeks ahead.

I so love to visit each of my children in their homes, getting to know their communities, friends, and activities. And now that our home is settled and familiar, they are adding to their memories of Grandma’s house and my world here in Door County. It is a gift to have time together, to build memories, and to know one another so intimately.

As one of my daughters and her family embark on a new life many miles away, I look forward to first hearing about their lives as they develop there; and then to visit and become a part of that world with them also. The circle always stretches, and strengthens as it does.

Book Clubs and Writing Groups

Sally: A Memior by Marggie Hatala


Book Clubs and Writing Groups

Introducing Sally: A Memoir to your group

Discussing my memoir with book clubs or writing groups is always an exciting time for me. Sharing my experience as a family member as well as a writer always connects me with others’ journeys. I come away richer, after experiencing a common bond. And as a writer, I am passionate about inspiring others to voice that which is within them to the world.

I have special group prices for purchase of Sally: A Memoir, with options for speaking with your book club or writing circle.. I welcome visiting book clubs or writing  groups within 2 hours of my home in Door County, WI to discuss my memoir. I can also visit your group using speakerphone or Skype.


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Meditative Journaling Class

Meditative Journaling

Meditative Journaling Class

Tuesdays: July 14 and August 11

 1-3PM in Sturgeon Bay


Meditative journaling is a writing tool that helps us connect with our inner selves, establishing a conversation within. Using meditation, it engages the deeper parts of ourselves and expresses many deep self truths through writing. A feeling of peacefulness is sensed as we become ever more comfortable in this dialogue.

Join me for these two sessions, and be introduced to meditative journaling as both a writing and spiritual tool.  Using writing prompts and guided meditations, you will spend time journaling each session. You will leave with the tools to develop your own sacred practice  at home.

Class participants will be offered the opportunity to join an ongoing meditative journaling group that will continue to provide support and deepening of practice throughout the year.

To register or for questions:


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Rainy Day Insight

Fairy Garden

Rainy Day Insights

Drawing within along with the weather…

I awoke to a dark, almost foggy morning. I immediately felt cozy, and given permission for a quiet, introspective morning. Always my favorite, because that means writing and a naturally deep meditation.

This morning, I am especially introspective after the past few weeks. In my new direction as an End of Life Consultant, I have branched out beyond my usual comfort zone. I have enjoyed this and feel blessed beyond measure. But also, in need of alone, quiet time of renewal and creativity. I embraced today’s weather with an open heart, and have already spent my waking hours in deep reflection and meditative journaling.  Namaste.