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End of Life Conversations


End of Life Conversations

Featured guest on “Going Home with Tony”

I am excited to be the featured guest of Tony Scimeca on his radio program this week, Thursday 7/30 at 5PM. I look forward to a lively conversation with Tony and hope that it will encourage others to “Start the Conversation” about our individual wishes. Click the link below for all the details:


Trusting the Process

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Trusting the Process

Allowing life to unfold in it’s own way

My presentation last week to the residents of a local assisted living facility was delightful, and I left feeling filled from the experience. In addressing a group that could teach me many things about accepting our mortality, the conversation enriched me and left me thinking ever more deeply about what the underlying message really is.

As we age, death becomes a more present reality to us. Add to that the loss of a spouse, or other close loved one, and the reality of our limited time  here becomes more and more keen. Yet along with that comes an acceptance that we will each leave in our own time. I enjoy working with people at this stage of life, especially when they are as lively as this group was. And it allowed me to go much further into the conversation of life after death than I usually do. As with each time spent sharing such as this, I have pondered it for this past week.

Thank you, to this great group!

Let’s Start the Conversation….Within

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Let’s Start the Conversation…Within

While discussing our end of life wishes, lets start a discussion with the sacred within us

I am excited to be presenting to a group of residents at Pinecrest Village in Sturgeon Bay, WI today. I have spent a lot of time considering what to say to this predominantly elderly group. What can I tell them about facing their mortality? Rather, I’m sure they can just as easily lead me on this discussion. I have found that at we all age, the acceptance of death as a natural part of living gets easier with each loss in our lives.

I was invited to address this group because I offer a different focus than just preparing for our end wishes. My focus is to spend our days while we are here aware that they are limited (as they are for everyone at any age) so that we can become more fully alive.

I look forward to an interactive discusssion; and I hope that there will be lively sharing about the disciplines each of us has developed to focus on the transcendant in our lives. In that way, we spend those minutes alive, expanded, and connected with all that is. It really is simple, it just takes focus and practice!