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Memories and their role in our life

This morning I experienced a long forgotten memory. Experienced, because during my meditation time, I not only saw the image of this moment in my life, but I also felt the emotion of it too. Throughout the day, I have felt almost a flow of energy as more memories return and wash through my awareness. As I look back to a dream I had last night, I believe that is what heralded this current of healing, freeing these moments from the painful time in my life that they were.

I attempt to open myself this way throughout my days, and I know the challenge this can be. Yet I ask myself why our lives are so outer driven that this natural awareness of consciousness would be anything to prevent or avoid? And why it is not encouraged?

As a Reiki Master and healer, I know how these buried emotions and memories rob me of my vitality and health over time. I try to begin each day with the invitation for wholeness, and to welcome whatever comes up. As we move ahead in our world, I pray that our world can soften and create expectations that promote true health: in body, in mind, and in our spirits.


Holding Sacred Space


Holding Sacred Space

Remaining present to others allows deep emotional connection

 In my work with those facing serious illness or transition from this world, holding my presence with the deepest love allows a connection that is transcendent. Providing unconditional love to whomever I am meeting with, and maintaining the place without ego or self, brings forward the truth of our beings. It is a palpable presence; it is an experience of total acceptance of our most core feelings, and it creates a bond that is most difficult to describe.

Many times over the years I have talked with cancer patients dealing with the life changes caused by chemotherapy, but also facing the inherent fears that their body has somehow betrayed them. Holding sacred space while sharing with them, often brought out their deepest fears and honest plea to God as they traveled the path towards true surrender. These moments pass, but the deep connection that I felt with them continues. It is a kinship of a life shared in eternity rather than here in this reality. And one that I cherish and nurture throughout the years.

Those clients nearing their transition from life in their body, naturally pass from outward awareness towards their inner self. I am blessed to share this time with them and their loved ones. The same sacred space creates an awareness of the enormous outpouring of divine love that is present. This time is filled with such unconditional love and help for the client’s transition that it brings joy to me. As we pass from this world, we are supported and assisted so completely by those already beyond that holding sacred space is natural to all. It is an honor to be present, to be invited into this most intimate time with the family, and to assist as they share memories and their love for the client. It truly is a time of peaceful, joyous birthing into the next life.



Care Coordination

Sally: A Memoir

Care Coordination

Reassurance for out of town family

When my aging  mother began to decline and require closer medical supervision, I lived many hours away. As not only a worried daughter, but also a “nurse daughter”, this distance became almost unbearable to me. I had family members that lovingly visited her, provided all the support that she and my Dad needed; yet I felt the sting of distance. I realized how much I needed to see her first hand, to be assured of the medical assessments and orders for her care. That, combined with my love and need to be with her, caused me true anguish.

Later, as she was cared for in hospice, my own hospice background created a vigilance within me. I know well how each medical professional has their own perspective of using medical orders; that each professional has their own beliefs that guide their assessment of needed interventions. Each time that I came to visit Mom, I found her symptoms were obvious to me and needed attention. I felt kick back from the staff at her nursing home, delayed intervention from the hospice group that were in charge of her orders, and I was both verbally and non-verbally accused of somehow creating the physical needs that these other professionals had not noticed.

Since publishing Sally: A Memoir, I have developed a service line for others going through similar care situations. It is my passion to assist other families with aging parents that live many miles away, or that are going through serious illness or expected death. I offer my services independently as a Care Coordinator, accompanying clients to medical testing and treatment. I also attend medical appointments with the client, record the physician’s  treatment options and plans as medically presented. The client can then hear the accurate information repeated often as needed, and I am able to share it with those worried loved ones living out of the area as the client directs.

I find that, as with all difficult things we live through, I can use my own experiences to help others. Loving our family, especially our parents as they age, is all encompassing. Learning to gently and compassionately parent them while they continue to make their own choices, has shown me what true love really is about. And to include healthcare choices creates a mandatory need to have an advocate to assure my love is translated into appropriate care.


Conscious Dying

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Conscious Dying

Planning our care as we need and want it at our end of life

I learned of the passing of Wayne Dyer, a spiritual mentor and role model for myself and many others, last week. I had read about his illness, his treatment choices, and now his passing…all done in the manner that he chose. I find it comforting that he was able to mentor those of us that he inspired, even as he approached his transition from this world. He lived as he believed, he taught through his living.

In my work as an End of Life Consultant, I help to guide conversations about our own choices. This often proves to be an emotionally laden discussion, but one that brings great relief and intimacy as it unfolds. When we can talk openly about our needs for the type of physical caring that supports us, about creating the environment that is most helpful to us when we are ill, and the ways that we wish to pass from this world, something very profound is felt by all.

I am grateful to have this emulated so simply by Wayne’s lifestyle choices as he approached his transition from this world. While I rely on the media to provide this glimpse into his life, I am grateful for his mentoring through his living…..and through his passing from this life to the next.