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Shifting Towards Our Inner Identity

Hunters Point

Shifting Towards Our Inner Identity

The peaceful world that we create as we let go of our outer selves

I awoke to the first dusting of snow here in Door County WI. This blanket of white immediately brought the mystery of life to my mind, as I felt the peaceful quiet that radiated from it. My morning meditation and journaling were filled with thoughts about the depths of my eternal self within, as the incredible hush from the dusky morning’s view brought me there.

I work with those that seek to walk deeply within as do I. My inner life coaching surrounds me with those that want to be fully alive within their being, and we walk together to see the world from this perspective. One valuable outcome is that as we, and our loved ones, prepare to transition from this life, we go safely knowing that our true self will be again free to expand fully.

For so many in our culture, there is a true fear of death and dying. Incredible pain and anxiety are an accepted part of this process and there are many medications that help with this. But for those that live more peacefully from their true selves, these symptoms are so often minimal. Their comfort with life as consciousness lessens the spiritual pain and anxiety immensely, and they are surrounded by those that help to hold the space of this truth.

As we celebrate our Thanksgiving this week, I pray that each of us can be thankful within ourselves for all of our lives. For those parts that are joyful and life giving, and for those that are here to provide our needed soul lessons.


A Special Holiday Gift

A Special Holiday Gift

Mothers, Daughters, Aging Parents 

Sally: A MemoirThis memoir evokes deep resonance with anyone who has begun to experience the aging of their parents. As my mother began to decline in her older age, my journal became my healing tool that helped me to explore my deepest feelings. I have brought some of those pages into Sally: A Memoir, along with the path she journeyed until her hospice death. As an RN and Reiki Master, I was blessed to guide her through this process, providing moments that even these words only begin to capture.

I hope that you will share this touching memoir with friends and family, teachers, and everyone on your holiday shopping list this year. It will touch them deeply.

Inner Life Coaching


Inner Life Coaching

Leading towards a life lived from the “inside out”

Our eternal selves look at our life lived here in this lifetime as a journey; one without description as good or bad, happy or sad, and all the other adjectives that we attach to the experiences we have. As I’ve learned to see through these eyes, my life continues to unfold in rich ways, and my choices have become wrapped in the focus of my soul’s purpose.

This requires my commitment and the support of others in my life. It includes daily rituals that I use to help align and ground myself. It requires that my lifestyle continues to meld into activities that support this. And  it takes a steady stream of reminders from those around me to see my perceived disappointments or failures as merely stepping stones designed to urge me on this path that is right for me. As I grow and embrace this ever more fully each year, my joy and happiness glows from within me. Gratefully our world’s consciousness is catapulting towards the language and perception that embraces this, yet other’s encouragement and gentle prods are welcomed as the true connection that they are.

I offer individual mentoring for this soul work. My approach includes my spiritual healing background to help awaken this, incorporating tools that help us to develop and strengthen this awareness, and the community of other like minded people for support.  Sharing this journey with others brings joy to me as our soul’s connect in deep ways. It is an incredible journey!

Please visit my webpage that outlines my work for more detail.

Choices at End of Life


LightChoices at End of Life

Unexplained consequences of choices we are asked to make

When I became a family member asked to make decisions for my mother several years ago, I was stunned as I experienced the patient’s side of healthcare. I have been a registered nurse for many years, and have worked within End of Life Care for over a decade. We professionals give explanations and offer choices to our patients; these are made with the intention of respecting each person’s right to decide their healthcare course. Yet there is a great divide between these, and also including the outcome of each choice.

My mother had clearly stated to us months earlier, that she wanted only to be made comfortable and helped to live in her home with my Dad. Yet here she was in the ICU, and every possible aggressive treatment was planned for her. When I spoke up and questioned these, I was met with raised eyebrows by the staff at her hospital. Repeatedly, new options were presented; when my family chose to take time to consider each, we were met with the same reaction of suspicion.

It was difficult to see my mother in her condition, my heart longed to have her return to the person she had been only a few days before. My own guilt and my worry that I was doing what she wanted rather than pushing my own agenda on her were only some of the conflicting feelings and thoughts that poured through me. Yet when I shared the outcome of what each procedure, each aggressive medication regime would mean, my father and siblings agreed that this was not what Mom had chosen those months before.

As an End of Life Consultant, I work with people at all stages of health and illness. We discuss the choices that are presented on advanced directives, consider the type environment and support that help each person to feel cared for and cared about. We devise a plan that is fluid and can be updated throughout time, yet one that provides a written basis for their family to make choices from. This I learned as I walked with my mother and my entire family through a serious hospitalization without a written plan.