Joseph Mendla

Being Present throughout the Holidays

Stay connected to your true self as you embrace the holiday season

The holiday rush has begun in my life, and already I’m feeling the change in the energy of my world. I chose the image today of a sculpture by Joseph Mendla. It is part of his series that represent the journey within, and designed to promote a meditative place. It is a fitting reminder to me at this busy time of year, and one that effortlessly brings me back to center with each conscious gaze.

I find it helpful to have my home filled with art and natural objects that act as areas that draw me into them, and feed my soul’s elemental nature. Maintaining my daily rituals of meditation and journaling, as well as particular attention to my diet and exercise all help me to enjoy this time without losing my way. I hope that you can begin each day with an intention for alignment and presence to your own self, while you enjoy all the loving people and special traditions in your life.