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Effortless Manifestation

Frigid Sun

Effortless Manifestation

Bringing what you need to yourself by being yourself

I have watched, listened, and contemplated much about the law of attraction and its popularity in our culture. Most of what I take in exhausts me. I listen to teachers use these principles to excite us, which is a good thing, because it takes people out of their habitual thinking and move them towards a higher vibration. But then it turns this very sacred truth into an activity lead very subtly by our ego; it turns into a to do list of how to bring all of this about.

The sacredness of life, our energy system and our vibration, is something to be cherished. It is the truth of all life, and as we explore this through our own inner awareness we gain an increasing unity with all that is. As we awaken to gratitude, compassion and love in its truest form, we very naturally change our vibration and begin to experience life from a different reality than the world appears to be living. It is the gift of wisdom and there is consequence; once conscious we now must live consciously.

As these teachers go around pumping people up in our business and health world, I cringe. Not because what they are doing is bad, but because it misses teaching the beauty of experience and unfolding. It skips the sacredness of the silence within and the lessons held there. It teaches more goal setting rather than surrender. It teaches us to be in charge spiritually rather than to travel into the mystery to receive our lives.

I prefer to quiet myself. To touch on my own magnificence and await the unfolding of the next steps in my life. I do this with an open heart, a quiet mind, a peaceful surrender, and the absolute trust that whatever comes to me is indeed in my highest interest.


Spiritual Support and Mentors

Spiritual Support and Mentors

Our need for others along our path to hold us when our light diminishes


Holding ourselves open and alive feels really great and our radiance glows easily….until we hit an old belief or issue within ourselves. And suddenly our inner beauty first dims to our awareness, and soon to others as well.

We all go through this, it is the process of being conscious. Yet without friends and mentors that are also committed to a similar walk through life, we lose days, weeks, or longer as we recover from these times. It is hard. Very hard.

I have many friends that hold me accountable, and I am grateful each time their honesty nudges me back towards my own light. When I have faltered, and those old tapes are blaring loudly within me, it is these friends and mentors that love me back towards my own path.

Today I thank each of you. Today I pray that each of you reaches out for these loving others in your life. Today I pray that we each surround ourselves in community so that our light shines ever brightly in our world. Our world needs us…all of us.


Receiving Each Moment

Receiving Each Moment

True mindfulness in the acceptance of each moment as it is


The quiet time of year has arrived in my life, both for the tourist area that I live in as well as in my choice of activities.  With it has come some discomfort as I both welcome my cocooning to write and develop new programs while also feeling the disconnection from many of my usual activities.

I have utilized many tools over the years to quiet my mind, learning to listen to the inner whispers of my soul as clearly as possible throughout my day.  I spent many years incorporating the lessons from A Course in Miracles that teach this very awareness.  But this year especially, I am adopting these in a moment to moment choice as I refuse to look ahead or behind at any turn in my day. Having a goal oriented nature, this is awe inspiring for me as I choose to completely receive each moment as it comes.  This includes my activities, my focus on outer goals, commitments for my time and attention, as well as with my finances.

I have found such inner peace and rest, just as the many spiritual teachings have promised.  I find the lessons I am learning here to be vastly rich and enlivening, as I watch my control evaporating. And with it, new eyes for all of the goal setting used in our ego based world as well as with the many spiritually based programs that promise the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  I feel the exact right choices come before my awareness to assure that my future steps will be perfectly aligned with my purpose and worldly needs.  I am grateful beyond measure for this and as my world shifts with the spring weather, I will incorporate this into the more busy, outer time in my lifestyle.