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Mothers, Daughters, Aging and Loss


Mothers, Daughters, Aging and Loss

The natural transitions of our lives 

This memoir evokes deep resonance with anyone who has begun to experience the aging of their parents. As my mother began to decline in her older age, my journal became my healing tool that helped me to explore my deepest feelings. I have brought some of those pages into Sally: A Memoir, along with the path she journeyed until her hospice death. As an RN and Reiki Master, I was blessed to guide her through this process, providing moments that even these words only begin to capture.

My work now focuses on these topics, as I devote myself to opening conversations about these life transitions and work with those dealing with caregiving, facing terminal illness, and grief. I am blessed to surround myself with these individuals while I share my own experience to assist their walk through these times.

I hope that you will touch on your own loving memories and reach out to embrace those that still remain in your life as you walk with my mother and my family through these words.

Touching Reasons for Healthcare Planning

Hospice and EOLC Presentation

Touching Reasons for Healthcare Planning

A beautiful group sharing personal reasons to plan

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Alexian Village of Milwaukee, speaking with a large group of senior residents. This was very close to my heart, because my father was seated in the front row, and my presentation was centered on my mother’s own hospice care and death at this very special place.

I was asked to help show the need for planning, especially to help illuminate that we all need to question, to help guide, and help determine our own care choices.  Using my mother’s journey made it very personal to me, and to many of the residents there that knew her and my Dad.

This complex of complete senior care, from independent living through assisted living, to skilled and hospice care provisions truly allows a community of residents and caregivers to exist. As I shared with those present yesterday, I experienced it first hand during my mother’s illness. And I continue to witness it with each visit to my Dad. I am grateful they were blessed in life to allow this.

As I spend this early morning reviewing yesterday, I feel blessed to be a tertiary part of this community. Yesterday was another view into the depth of caring and concern that is extended. And it provided me a chance for my Dad and I to relate in another way also.  Thank you to the staff at Alexian that invited me, and especially to all that provide this loving community to the residents.