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Mother’s Day, As We Remember Motherhood

Sally: A Memior by Marggie Hatala

Mother’s Day, As We Remember Motherhood

My mother and I, intertwined in this memoir

As another celebration of mothers and motherhood approaches, I again share my own intimate story of the final year with my mother in Sally: A Memoir. She lives on through me and my entire family. Our story is one that touches all mothers and daughters intimately, and opens our hearts ever more deeply. I hope that you will share it with the women in your life this Mother’s Day…and that your story will join with my own as we bring our memories alive and our love forward into the world.

Embracing Death with Life

LightEmbracing Death with Life

Our living becomes precious when we consider our mortality.

When a child enters our world, we herald this new life in all of its preciousness and vulnerability. Do we consider that each of us joins this life in daily growing one day closer to our exit from it?  Do we realize our own vulnerability along the path? Do we live with this awareness in an effort to fully embrace each day spent in this life?  How many of us think about living a meaningful life in preparation for our own exit from it?  Do we embrace death as we live our lives?

Join me at the  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County as I lead an experiential workshop, designed to consider our mortality, to consider our own choices for our life path, and to consider what a meaningful life is for each of us. We will discuss, meditate, and share as we journey deeply into these topics.

May 1, 2016 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm

10341 Water Street Highway 42 Ephraim, WI 54211



Bridges Along Our Path


Bridges Along Our Path

Words, images, people, and guidance as we walk

I have been delving deeply into my work these past few weeks, aware that a new path is opening for me. And along with that, has been the wonderful addition of like minded people sharing new insights, their own stories and their own tools for learning with me. It has been a monumental period of deep peace and quiet for me as I continue to open to it all.

What I have learned included a wealth of new books, music, workshops, and personal stories; but most importantly I have opened to a deeper and more clear definition of my own work. Now, to begin to integrate all of this into the steps that I take each day. Both in my personal and professional lives, as of course,they are both deeply connected within me.

It has been a transformative time, including a bout with the first illness that I’ve had in several years. That also is guidance for me, as I knew I was being cleansed of old beliefs and self images. As always, transformation is personal, it holds space for letting go only to be refilled. And as our weather continues to limp ever so slowly into the spring that is promised, I walk across my own bridges and embrace all of the people, the experiences, and the inner knowing that shines from the other side.