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Inspiration From Nature


Inspiration From Nature

Using our incredible natural environment to stir our souls

Next week will be here before I know it, especially with our plans for the holiday weekend looming. I am excitedly preparing for the Meditative Journaling Workshop at Write On, Door County that will be held on June 4th. We will use the rugged and peaceful terrain of Write On’s grounds as our prompt. What could be better?

Meditative Journaling creates a sacred conversation within our own selves. Using meditative tools and a writing journal, deep connection and awareness of our true self is a natural outcome. This workshop will really be special because the prompt will be from the sacred, from Mother Earth. What better inspiration could we possible have?

Leading this workshop is a gift to me; as I connect with the other contemplative writers that attend, and we all enjoy the expansion of walking the grounds, I am so blessed by the assurance of deep peace and connection. I hope that those in our Door County WI area will join us.  For those that aren’t able, grab a notebook and pen, walk quietly through the outdoors, and watch what happens!

Savoring the Preciousness of Time


Savoring the Preciousness of Time

Easing my life to deepen my living

I just finished two projects that have really had me consumed…both of them occupying my thoughts and my time commitments in deeply expanding ways. Yet being so engaged for the past few months, has helped to show me the changes that I want to make in my life to allow more time.  It’s funny, I want to allow my mind and time commitments to be consumed. I want to allow more of this deep opening into action and life. I want to shift my work and personal life to once again give me unstructured days that will allow my meditation, reading and research to flow naturally into my writing.

The challenge of being me includes my love of “doing”, of being busy as a way of feeling productive and alive. This is very good, but it also habitually shifts into too many commitments, and too little down time to explore, create, and relax. I know myself well enough to realize this is an ongoing pattern, but each shift I open to creates a deeper well of being. And with that, a deeper need and want for the other to take priority.

As I sort through the files that I created during my writing of programs and planning future events, I breath deeply, ground, and sigh. I see and feel the culmination of my work opening into the structure that will stay long term and allow both sides of myself to flourish. At least until the next time I recommit those unstructured days for more busy-ness!

Embracing Life


Embracing Life

Finding deep connection with others as we talked about living, dying, and much more

I spent Sunday afternoon with a wonderful group at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County. My presentation was Embracing Death with Life, yet it did not feel as though a presentation. Instead, we held a deeply honest and profound conversation about our experiences with living and dying, our feelings and fears, and our thoughts about this subject in many other ways. It was an incredible afternoon.

This group again showed me the depth of connection I experience with people that seek honest exploration of themselves, and are willing to risk becoming vulnerable as we share so truthfully. I left the group feeling expanded, deeply connected, and joyful. Thank you to everyone there.