A Special Holiday Gift

A Special Holiday Gift

Mothers, Daughters, Aging ParentsĀ 

Sally: A MemoirThis memoir evokes deep resonance with anyone who has begun to experience the aging of their parents. As my mother began to decline in her older age, my journal became my healing tool that helped me to explore my deepest feelings. I have brought some of those pages into Sally: A Memoir, along with the path she journeyed until her hospice death. As an RN and Reiki Master, I was blessed to guide her through this process, providing moments that even these words only begin to capture.

I hope that you will share this touching memoir with friends and family, teachers, and everyone on your holiday shopping list this year. It will touch them deeply.

10 thoughts on “A Special Holiday Gift

  1. Beth

    Marggie, this is a gift indeed. I wish I had this as I was walking thru my mother’s transition. As a nurse and a daughter you can offer instruction and support and encouragement on many levels. best, Beth

  2. Tina Games

    Sadly, I never got to experience an “aging mother.” My mom passed away very suddenly at age 68. ~ But I did have the opportunity to write about the experience – which opened up a whole new perspective on “one’s life purpose.” It was quite a spiritual process – and very healing.

  3. Josee Smith

    Thank you for sharing your experience Marggie . My mother has just begun showing signs of aging. Journaling is a great healing tool to express ones feelings when going through any experience really. I will keep this in mind as time moves on.

  4. Kailean Welsh

    My mom is so important to me. I know that at some point I will most likely have to deal with her passing. I hope that every moment in between now and then I can offer her tender, loving care. Your story sounds like a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.


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