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Spiritual Support and Mentors

Spiritual Support and Mentors

Our need for others along our path to hold us when our light diminishes


Holding ourselves open and alive feels really great and our radiance glows easily….until we hit an old belief or issue within ourselves. And suddenly our inner beauty first dims to our awareness, and soon to others as well.

We all go through this, it is the process of being conscious. Yet without friends and mentors that are also committed to a similar walk through life, we lose days, weeks, or longer as we recover from these times. It is hard. Very hard.

I have many friends that hold me accountable, and I am grateful each time their honesty nudges me back towards my own light. When I have faltered, and those old tapes are blaring loudly within me, it is these friends and mentors that love me back towards my own path.

Today I thank each of you. Today I pray that each of you reaches out for these loving others in your life. Today I pray that we each surround ourselves in community so that our light shines ever brightly in our world. Our world needs us…all of us.


Receiving Each Moment

Receiving Each Moment

True mindfulness in the acceptance of each moment as it is


The quiet time of year has arrived in my life, both for the tourist area that I live in as well as in my choice of activities.  With it has come some discomfort as I both welcome my cocooning to write and develop new programs while also feeling the disconnection from many of my usual activities.

I have utilized many tools over the years to quiet my mind, learning to listen to the inner whispers of my soul as clearly as possible throughout my day.  I spent many years incorporating the lessons from A Course in Miracles that teach this very awareness.  But this year especially, I am adopting these in a moment to moment choice as I refuse to look ahead or behind at any turn in my day. Having a goal oriented nature, this is awe inspiring for me as I choose to completely receive each moment as it comes.  This includes my activities, my focus on outer goals, commitments for my time and attention, as well as with my finances.

I have found such inner peace and rest, just as the many spiritual teachings have promised.  I find the lessons I am learning here to be vastly rich and enlivening, as I watch my control evaporating. And with it, new eyes for all of the goal setting used in our ego based world as well as with the many spiritually based programs that promise the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  I feel the exact right choices come before my awareness to assure that my future steps will be perfectly aligned with my purpose and worldly needs.  I am grateful beyond measure for this and as my world shifts with the spring weather, I will incorporate this into the more busy, outer time in my lifestyle.


The Joy Within Us

The Joy Within Us

Opening to a conversation with our own sacred self


The first of two sessions on Meditative Journaling has taken place….our group was engaged and interested to see what this was all about.  Each of us shared a bit initially, and then we began the process of using meditation and pens to paper to learn about ourselves.

As we spent our time together in a beautiful, intimate space in Sturgeon Bay WI. We all felt the group energy carrying us deeply inside. After each exercise, we shared as we felt comfortable….and quickly felt the support of one another. We ended the session with an unexpected view as a huge ship made its way through the Sturgeon Bay Canal directly before our window.  I must admit, it distracted us as we chose to enjoy this awesome event seemingly within arm’s reach rather than focusing on the planned writing session!

The second session will be this Saturday, and I am excited to return and catch up with the group.  I know that I will have many insights to share since our last meeting, and I’m looking forward to hearing from the others. Spending time as a group pursuing this spiritual tool has again piqued an ongoing inner dialogue within me.  I am grateful.

Sharing Our Journey of Loss When a Parent Passes

Sharing Our Journey of Loss When a Parent Passes

Walking through the many medical glitsches when our parents are terminally ill

Jefferson Street Books

I shared my Saturday morning with a group of readers, writers, and booklovers. I was invited to speak at Jefferson Street Books in my community of Sturgeon Bay WI. I presented my book, Sally: A Memoir which details my walk with my own mother through her hospice care. The morning was lively and intimate, since the subject matter creates deep feelings and memories for all present.

I so enjoyed the time, and always feel inspired to share more after these meetings. We all love and have known loss…but how often do we revisit the deep feelings that we experienced during these times? And how often do we reflect on the changes in our lives since we walked through this in our lives?

I left Jefferson Street Books feeling peaceful and expanded, having touched and been touched by others. That is my purpose for writing this book, and sharing the very intimate details of my own life and family.




The key to dissolving stress

Copper Art

I was invited to speak at the Senior Breakfast in Southern Door County yesterday. It proved to be a delightful experience, especially so since the speaker that presented first introduced the audience to the beauty of simple exercise.  The entire group was energized, excited, and glowing. It truly was a tough act to follow.  But added to my concern was the topic that I had come to present:  how to make 2016 the year to develop a meaningful life.  I laughingly shared that now they were all excited, I am here to quiet everyone down!

And quiet they did, but I was given their rapt attention as I talked about what I have learned from those facing terminal illness, my greatest teachers about life itself. Having our lives affirmed, knowing that our lives held meaning is paramount to a peaceful death, and an easy transition to the next life. I discussed some of the many ways to turn towards that awareness long before we face our final days. And as we start this new year, why not begin assuring that right now?  Why not turn and resolve to make one singe change: to make acceptance our focus?

Acceptance of ourselves, our relationships, our life circumstances, and every aspect of our world is much easier said than done. Yet in committing to taking responsibility for it all causes a shift in our health, wellbeing, happiness, and contentment.  This is the inner coaching that I walk with my clients through, whether they are facing terminal illness or those desiring greater contentment at any phase of life. And it is a fun, exciting, and joyful walk as the changes in clients lives are immediate.

I hope that everyone will make that change this year…..I know that I am committed to it!



Make 2016 Your Year To Develop A Meaningful Life

Frozen Lake Superior

Make 2016 Your Year To Develop A Meaningful Life

Adopting a new view of the world, from ‘your inside out’

Today dawns my first steps into 2016. I feel excited somehow, deeply moved by this particular dawn. Perhaps it is because of the promise I hold in my heart; one that was at first whispered and its voice now has become overwhelming love.

Today I am ushering my day in without my beloved journal, I chose to write this note instead. It feels right…and I welcome the chance to sit before our fireplace with the holiday lights twinkling beside me. The sunrise is reflected on the window, forming a brilliant orange glow across the room. The quiet, the warmth, and the glow contribute to my peacefulness and I savor them all.

My writing done in these moments of silence illuminate my path for the day, and beyond. I have long used my journal to express my deepest feelings, to open to ever new parts of myself, and to seek clarity for my ever developing self. This early morning ritual has become my sacred start to my day, one that I am not willing to live without. And I realize how different I see my world because of it.

Living from this daily guidance and commitment to inner growth has shaped my view of those in my life. I see their struggles in the world as their own attempts to become more fully alive, rather than as the worldly difficulties they are. I approach the world more philosophically, seeing the changes in our collective consciousness as we grow and change as a whole. And as I share myself here, and in personal ways, I find support and encouragement from others who walk similar paths.

As your new year opens, I send hope and encouragement to find your own sacred ritual, one that will help your life take on deeper meaning, greater compassion, awareness, and joy.



Holiday Wishes

Bailey's Harbor

Holiday Wishes

The many blessings of our season

Well, its finally our Christmas week beginning here in Door County WI.  I had to use a picture from last winter since we have unusually warm weather this year, a December that has not yet provided us with the usual blanket of white to curl beneath.

My family has begun our holiday togetherness, extending from family visits in Milwaukee to our excited expectation for our children and grandchildren visiting throughout the upcoming days.  It is a joyful and busy time, and has been stressful at times already. But this year has provided good health and allowed my husband and I to take care of our whole selves.  I pray that all reading this will enjoy beautiful, peaceful, and loving holiday weeks as we usher in the new year.



Tips For Those Grieving During the Holidays

Holiday Twinkle

Tips for Those Grieving During the Holidays

The holidays can feel surreal when you are grieving

As a very young mother, my first experience of deep, dark, and difficult grief came just three weeks before Christmas, when I had a stillbirth of a beautiful girl. I remember well, all these years later, what the holiday joy surrounding me felt like for that year and many others after.

I was too young then to allow myself to voice my feelings to anyone other than those closest to me, and later, when I sought therapy to deal with my loss. Yet even family, close friends, and coworkers felt the sudden need to quiet their happiness when I was around.  It was a no win situation for anyone, and I felt that somehow I was responsible for stifling their holiday happiness.

My work now includes those experiencing anticipatory grief, or dealing with the recent loss of a loved one. Gratefully, our world has opened to include our emotional needs, providing  much more support and help for all. Yet when our emotions don’t match that of the season, it only serves to reinforce loss and grief, even in when we are able to be open about it.

I offer some suggestions to those in grief, as well as for those that love and support them:

  • Allow yourself to honor this season in ways that honor the person that is ill or has passed. Write stories, make a picture display of favorite memories. Include it as part of your family get together.
  • Allow yourself to cry, to remember happier times, and to share these memories among those that you share this holiday with.
  • Reach out to support groups, as a caregiver or after your loss. There are many intangible ways that you will feel supported and not alone in your feelings and experience.
  • Always, honor your own feelings without question, share them with those that you are close to and seek support outside of your intimate circle. Seek professional help when you need it.

The holidays can become a special time of remembrance in these ways, and your experience will be honored by those closest to you. I always celebrate December 4th quietly, and after so many years it has become a very sacred, and special day to me. I pray the same for you, in time.




Being Present throughout the Holidays

Joseph Mendla

Being Present throughout the Holidays

Stay connected to your true self as you embrace the holiday season

The holiday rush has begun in my life, and already I’m feeling the change in the energy of my world. I chose the image today of a sculpture by Joseph Mendla. It is part of his series that represent the journey within, and designed to promote a meditative place. It is a fitting reminder to me at this busy time of year, and one that effortlessly brings me back to center with each conscious gaze.

I find it helpful to have my home filled with art and natural objects that act as areas that draw me into them, and feed my soul’s elemental nature. Maintaining my daily rituals of meditation and journaling, as well as particular attention to my diet and exercise all help me to enjoy this time without losing my way. I hope that you can begin each day with an intention for alignment and presence to your own self, while you enjoy all the loving people and special traditions in your life.


Embrace the New Year with Meditative Journaling

Winter Glaze

Embrace the New Year with Meditative Journaling

Share silence with others as you open a conversation with the sacred within

Join this 2 Part Workshop surrounded by Door County’s natural beauty                                 Sturgeon Bay’s Centerpointe Marina

         Saturday, January 16th and January 30th


Participants will be introduced to Meditative Journaling……as they learn to quiet their minds, while turning towards the silent whispers of their eternal selves. No writing or meditation experience is necessary.  We will each write our own reflections prompted by poetry, readings from spiritual teachers, music, and art.

2 Part Workshop………$125

Early Registration until 12/18……$95

To Register

Contact Marggie at 920-495-156Or by email at