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From the Heart to the Pen

From the Heart to the Pen

A sacred workshop experienced

I spent this past Saturday morning indulging in shared time with others seeking to open to our deepest selves. We were bathed in sound vibration lead by Chris Zimonick, and I shared prompts designed to deepen our connection with intention, our lives as a spiritual journey, and to open to a deeper sense of purpose for the year ahead through journaling. It was a powerful morning….and I continue to process and open to the voice of my heart.

I am blessed to participate, to share, and to lead. It is always a profound experience personally and in sharing with others. I feel deeply centered, renewed, and enlivened as I begin my workweek. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


Exciting Workshops to Begin 2017

Inner Self

Exciting Workshops To Begin 2017

Newly created workshops combining gifts of others into my work

I have been busy collaborating with the gifted people in my life, to share our talents in creating two workshops to start our new year. I am excited to share both workshops designed to deepen the intuitive connection within us. Each is very unique and both will lead us deep within. Please visit both websites and Facebook pages, and I hope you will join us as we create the sacred in our lives.





Workshop Dates: 2/10/2017 – 2/11/2017
Location: Mary Mendla Fine Art & Apparel Studio
Address: 177 Green Bay Road, Thiensville, Wisconsin 53092
Region: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Contact: Mary Mendla
Phone: 262-227-3992

Journey into Your Intuitive Self,  A Meditative Art Journaling Retreat co-taught by Mary Mendla and Marggie Hatala

Delve deeply within yourself, open to your creative channels and give them expression in voice and color.

Join us for this two day workshop at Mary Mendla Fine Art and Apparel Studio in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

We will create a meditative environment, using guided imagery and breath work to quiet ourselves and open to the stillness within. Using our pen and journals, we will open a conversation with the divine voice that whispers from our source. These words will form a framework for the visual expression that springs forward. Then, using free form splashes and shapes of color on paper, we will allow our intuitive selves to burst forward visually and create works of art that incorporate our journaled words through collage, drawing, and symbolic imagery.  The workshop will close with each participant taking their artworks home, to hang in their personal sacred space.  There they will remain to beckon each of us daily to live from this very inner, very deeply intuitive self.

Mary Mendla is an award winning intuitive artist and art instructor.  She has worked in a variety of art media, especially oil and mixed media.  Her intuitive painting comes from deep within her through her memories, emotions, and spirit.  Mary encourages her students to seek personal meaning through their art journeys and subject matter.

Marggie Hatala teaches Meditative Journaling Workshops on a wide variety of topics throughout the Milwaukee Area and Northeast Wisconsin.  Her passion is to lead others to live from the inside out, using her depth of presence to deeply touch groups.  Marggie is an End of Life Consultant, Author and Speaker, living in Door County, Wisconsin.

Art materials will be provided, you will be asked to bring your own journal for the written portion of the class, a hair dryer, and a smock or old clothing for artmaking.  No previous art experience is necessary.

Friday, February 10 & Saturday February 11, 10 AM to 4 PM both days.

The cost for this workshop is $250, or register by January 15 and pay $225

Opening to Your Intuitive Self
Workshop Fee $250.00 USDRegister by 1/15/17 $225.00 USD


“Come into the silence of solitude, and the vibration there will talk to you through the voice of God.”— Paramahansa Yogananda

Posted by Christine Zimonick on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shifting into the New Year


Shifting into the New Year

Feeling the pull to new awareness as our year cycles

I have taken this year to allow old patterns to melt away, while awaiting the birth of the new into my life. It’s been a transformative time for me, and I’ve allowed myself the quiet and privacy to embrace the deep release and the many changes. As our winter solstice approaches, and our full moon shines above me in the dark sky, I feel the rebirth throughout me and its form in my life.

I am emerging from my cocoon of privacy and ready to venture out through my writing and teaching. I feel firm footing beneath me, yet I am ready to allow life to unfold into the right steps. For me, for our community, for our world. This past year has shown me the limitations that were guiding my life, and I want only a trusting walk ahead. Gratefully, I am surrounded by the support of loving relationships and a deep spiritual connection that will allow this.

I look ahead to the new year about to dawn, with awareness and trepidation. Our world is in a massive shift, one that I am here to share myself fully to assist. I trust only in the higher view of transformation, and am ready to remain present to this as we collectively hold the space for the highest good. I will walk with others of like mind, deeply grounded and fully alive.


Maintaining Inner Peace


Maintaining Inner Peace

A hectic time in my life draws me ever more deeply within

I just returned from a long awaited and cherished time out west with my family. It was a true whirlwind trip, lots of travel in a short period combined with a very busy time of year for all of us. I am so glad that I took the time, made the trip, and indulged in family and reconnecting. I needed this so badly, my heart now feels renewed.

Yet returning home meant catching up on my writing and other work as well as the usual unpacking and laundry. I find that it is my writing that has become my guide. Yesterday, I set aside several hours to begin planning the journaling workshops that I am about to hold. While getting myself wrapped around this work took some inner motivating, once I opened to previous class notes and began to search for the meditative prompts that I will use I found myself centering. And as the vibrational toning music played while I worked, the tension and feelings of demand seemed to slip away. I felt myself leaving the stress and worry somewhere else, and returning to the moment completely. When my husband came home from work, I was ready to discuss our time away and our  day. I was eager to work outside on our knee deep leaf clearing until it became dark. And to savor my life, my family, and my work.

This is why I feel such passion for sharing my workshops. I find that journaling as a meditative tool my most sacred daily ritual for combining my life in this world with the peace and serenity of my eternal self. I encourage everyone to try this, and to check out my workshops if you are able to join us.

Upcoming Events

Writing to Discover Your Inner Self

Red Canyon

Writing to Discover Your Inner Self

Sharing and discovering our deepest self through pen and paper

I lead groups in different formats of journaling, all with the focus to open to our inner self. We use meditative tools to touch on this sacred place within us, and allow our pen to flow with words that are not from our conscious minds.

I am offering a series of classes this fall that are outlined on my Upcoming Events Page of this website. They all are designed to deepen our inner connection, and to open to the eternal spirit throughout our living. As an End of Life Consultant, this is my passion, and aligns with my purpose to assist in the awakening of our world to this truth.

Just as the layers of our majestic earth have different colors, texture, and solidity, so too does our energy system and connection to spirit. I will be writing about these in the months ahead and my workshops will be in accord with this. I look forward to sharing this together in the months ahead.

For those in my Door County WI area, I hope you can join us next week…..

Introduction to Meditative Journaling

Sunday, October 2          1-2:30PM               $35

    Jefferson Street Books, Sturgeon Bay WI

Upcoming Events

Red Canyon

Introduction to Meditative Journaling

Open to the whispers of the Divine that are constantly guiding our steps. We will use meditation, prompts, and journaling to quiet ourselves and begin this inner dialogue.  Be sure and bring a notebook and Pen!

Sunday, October 2            1-2:30PM         $35 each class

Tuesday, November 8     1-2:30PM

Jefferson Street Books, Sturgeon Bay WI

Registration:  email   or  phone 920-495-1566

Living Inside Out: Changes


Living Inside Out: Changes

The world appears radiant from within

I have had a busy summer. One filled with great personal changes which were the outcome of deep inner focus throughout this calendar year. I began this year of 2016 declaring it is the year to live from my magnificence. I believe that continues to open and manifest, yet from the outer picture it has not appeared as such.

I committed to writing my second book this year and am joyfully doing just that. But making this choice was from a deep stirring within me as a writer rather than as a caretaker. This was not clear. Certainly, caretaking has been my professional focus throughout my lifetime, with my creative self always pulling and tugging for focus. Over the years I have chosen one over the other, always to return to the latter. It has been a cycle that has finally ended. I believe that my inner focus and deep commitment to listening to my guidance was in keeping with the shifts in our world’s consciousness these months. And I have been blessed with the outer changes in my life that are the result of my patience and perseverance.

This summer has provided the structure in my work life which is allowing me to have long periods of time to write and enjoy. It has provided a work focus that is about words, writers, and feeds my love of reading totally. It has blessed me with a new circle of support and friendship while I focus on healing through my written and spoken word rather than individual caring for others.

I am including a blog that I wrote a year ago. It was the start of my soul searching that helped to shape these wonderful changes in my life.

There are many buzz words out there these days, all about living abundantly and in the world as we manifest it. I think that’s great….or maybe I do. The words entice all of us to live with greater joy, something that lifts our spirits and our vibration. All good, and we begin the journey to a reality other than the “old tapes” we all lived from before. Great so far!!!  But I truly struggle with the focus remaining on the outer world through this all….that somehow it is to get the life we want rather than the life we were born to live. Our soul’s purpose.

Perhaps it is my own narrow vision that misses this soul purpose in these inspirational and motivational prompts. They do move people to seek the world from a new perspective yet I never hear surrender, receive, or the words that come from deep within me. As I live ever more fully from inner guidance, I find that letting go, living my life fully each moment with gratitude and joy, and allowing life to present itself to me is the path that I am guided along. And while I do set my intention clearly each day, it is with the grounded alignment that I will receive what is intended rather than personal goals rooted in outer achievement.

It’s probably all the same….most likely we are all reacting to the same impulses in different ways. Yet it strikes me that there is a big difference: life in the outer world, using the inner to make it happen vs life from the inner world, watching our outer world transform.


photo 4Changes

Moving towards greater self-expression

I have been in the midst of a major shift in my work life. These changes are finally in place, but began many months ago as I felt the stirrings of moving from the places and people that were the focus of my work towards a new direction. These choices were not easy, and with all moves, I had many ups and downs, ins and outs, back and forth as I finalized what and where the focus of my work needed to be.

Gratefully, it is behind me. I started writing my second book during last winter, but found that the use of my time prevented any solid writing time. And beyond that, my involvement kept my mind occupied with the concerns of others well past my time spent with them. While none of this was incorrect, it no longer was congruent with my overwhelming need to write this book. And now finally, these relationships have eased, I have started a great job that feeds my writing soul while allowing me to go home and put my mind on other things. Whew…it’s been quite a six months!

My book now is starting to flow out of me but it is still “in the womb” and not ready to be shared. Yet that will soon change. I’m excited to write Life As A Prayer, and will soon be ready to welcome my writing group’s input, as well as shout about it  to the world! It’s a great time in my life, and I am very grateful.


Living a Long Life, Living Well


Living a Long Life, Living Well

My Father’s 95th Birthday

I am about to travel to Milwaukee to visit my Dad, to share cake and coffee in honor of his 95th birthday tomorrow. Over the past few months, he has often said he can’t believe he has lived this long, having never really known anyone that has celebrated these many years.

To this frequent statement, I add that he is living it well. That he is a very healthy 95 year old. That he has been blessed to live this long, living well. To that he agrees with, “your health is everything, along with family.”

My mother passed almost 4 years ago. A loss we are all still feeling, especially Dad. He will always say that his health is good, his mind clear, but he is alone and therefore not really well.  After having her at his side for sixty-two years, they had learned to orbit in their own solar system as they aged. And then he was alone, gratefully with a large family to support him as well as the wonderful retirement community and caring shared by their staff too. Dad has found a new life, but the emptiness of going it alone is something that he deals with daily.

I send you love Dad, and appreciation too on your very special birthday. I know that Mom will be with you along with all of the rest of your clan. Enjoy your celebration!

Allowing Life’s Current to Carry Me

Fairy Garden

Allowing Life’s Current to Carry Me

I’m enjoying the ease of flow into a new direction

For the past weeks I’ve been deep within myself, working on opening to the changes that have been bubbling to the surface of my awareness for months. I’ve been looking at many choices that I’ve made in my work life and sorting through them all as I opened to change.  Now that it’s flowing quite effortlessly, it all seems so easy….so great.  Yet it has included several months of deep work, asking for guidance, letting go of a deep attachment that I’ve held throughout my lifetime (and well beyond I suspect).

I heard myself repeat often that all my soul really wants right now is to write, and to share through speaking and teaching my passion for living in the present and becoming fully alive. But that meant asking myself how to completely shift my business to allow that.  Along the way, I’ve opened to many layers of my own process, that on the surface seemed appropriate and fulfilling, yet held me in a habitual path that needed to change.

Gratefully, after months of meditation,  healing work, and discussion with my inner circle, I’m now enjoying the ease of seeing it all fall almost seamlessly into place. Of course I love this time, and look back at the past months as having been a challenge. And of course, I also understand each experience as completely right and part of the perfection of the creation of this for me.

I am so grateful for it all. For the deep sacred that is always there to guide me, for the beauty of those I love so completely that have been willing to walk through my sorting through it all. And for this place in my life, this time in my life. Ahhhhhhh, thanks be to God.