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Exciting Workshops to Begin 2017

Inner Self

Exciting Workshops To Begin 2017

Newly created workshops combining gifts of others into my work

I have been busy collaborating with the gifted people in my life, to share our talents in creating two workshops to start our new year. I am excited to share both workshops designed to deepen the intuitive connection within us. Each is very unique and both will lead us deep within. Please visit both websites and Facebook pages, and I hope you will join us as we create the sacred in our lives.





Workshop Dates: 2/10/2017 – 2/11/2017
Location: Mary Mendla Fine Art & Apparel Studio
Address: 177 Green Bay Road, Thiensville, Wisconsin 53092
Region: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Contact: Mary Mendla
Phone: 262-227-3992

Journey into Your Intuitive Self,  A Meditative Art Journaling Retreat co-taught by Mary Mendla and Marggie Hatala

Delve deeply within yourself, open to your creative channels and give them expression in voice and color.

Join us for this two day workshop at Mary Mendla Fine Art and Apparel Studio in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

We will create a meditative environment, using guided imagery and breath work to quiet ourselves and open to the stillness within. Using our pen and journals, we will open a conversation with the divine voice that whispers from our source. These words will form a framework for the visual expression that springs forward. Then, using free form splashes and shapes of color on paper, we will allow our intuitive selves to burst forward visually and create works of art that incorporate our journaled words through collage, drawing, and symbolic imagery.  The workshop will close with each participant taking their artworks home, to hang in their personal sacred space.  There they will remain to beckon each of us daily to live from this very inner, very deeply intuitive self.

Mary Mendla is an award winning intuitive artist and art instructor.  She has worked in a variety of art media, especially oil and mixed media.  Her intuitive painting comes from deep within her through her memories, emotions, and spirit.  Mary encourages her students to seek personal meaning through their art journeys and subject matter.

Marggie Hatala teaches Meditative Journaling Workshops on a wide variety of topics throughout the Milwaukee Area and Northeast Wisconsin.  Her passion is to lead others to live from the inside out, using her depth of presence to deeply touch groups.  Marggie is an End of Life Consultant, Author and Speaker, living in Door County, Wisconsin.

Art materials will be provided, you will be asked to bring your own journal for the written portion of the class, a hair dryer, and a smock or old clothing for artmaking.  No previous art experience is necessary.

Friday, February 10 & Saturday February 11, 10 AM to 4 PM both days.

The cost for this workshop is $250, or register by January 15 and pay $225

Opening to Your Intuitive Self
Workshop Fee $250.00 USDRegister by 1/15/17 $225.00 USD


“Come into the silence of solitude, and the vibration there will talk to you through the voice of God.”— Paramahansa Yogananda

Posted by Christine Zimonick on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Maintaining Peacefulness During this Election Time


Maintaining Peacefulness During this Election Time

Taking time for self-renewal while living consciously

Our elections will soon be upon us. While I find myself deeply engaged with the social changes that are needed in our country, I also find myself tired and often nearing my limit. These are truly trying times for our nation.

I allow myself time to listen to news and read updates, but also follow these very upsetting times with silence, with journaling, and with nature. I want to remain present to my own self during this period of time, and help to create a peaceful presence in our world.

I am offering a Meditative Journaling Workshop on the day of our national election. I hope that others will join me after casting their ballot. Together we can join our energy as we silently engage with our deepest self and work to maintain this consciousness….no matter the outcome of our election.

We will meet in Sturgeon Bay, WI at Glas Coffee from 1-2:30PM. Please see the “Upcoming Events” page of this website. And I look forward to joining with you.

Upcoming Events

Red Canyon

Introduction to Meditative Journaling

Open to the whispers of the Divine that are constantly guiding our steps. We will use meditation, prompts, and journaling to quiet ourselves and begin this inner dialogue.  Be sure and bring a notebook and Pen!

Sunday, October 2            1-2:30PM         $35 each class

Tuesday, November 8     1-2:30PM

Jefferson Street Books, Sturgeon Bay WI

Registration:  email   or  phone 920-495-1566

Journaling to Mindfulness


Journaling to Mindfulness

Join me as we use our journals to explore our deepest selves

Join me for a day long introduction to using our journals as a meditative tool, as we explore the various aspects of mindfulness. We will explore our deepest self as we move into gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and beyond.

A catered lunch will be included, as well as time to walk the beautiful natural surroundings of the Ephraim WI shoreline.

Dates and times being arranged for the Fall, 2016.

Savoring the Preciousness of Time


Savoring the Preciousness of Time

Easing my life to deepen my living

I just finished two projects that have really had me consumed…both of them occupying my thoughts and my time commitments in deeply expanding ways. Yet being so engaged for the past few months, has helped to show me the changes that I want to make in my life to allow more time.  It’s funny, I want to allow my mind and time commitments to be consumed. I want to allow more of this deep opening into action and life. I want to shift my work and personal life to once again give me unstructured days that will allow my meditation, reading and research to flow naturally into my writing.

The challenge of being me includes my love of “doing”, of being busy as a way of feeling productive and alive. This is very good, but it also habitually shifts into too many commitments, and too little down time to explore, create, and relax. I know myself well enough to realize this is an ongoing pattern, but each shift I open to creates a deeper well of being. And with that, a deeper need and want for the other to take priority.

As I sort through the files that I created during my writing of programs and planning future events, I breath deeply, ground, and sigh. I see and feel the culmination of my work opening into the structure that will stay long term and allow both sides of myself to flourish. At least until the next time I recommit those unstructured days for more busy-ness!

Bridges Along Our Path


Bridges Along Our Path

Words, images, people, and guidance as we walk

I have been delving deeply into my work these past few weeks, aware that a new path is opening for me. And along with that, has been the wonderful addition of like minded people sharing new insights, their own stories and their own tools for learning with me. It has been a monumental period of deep peace and quiet for me as I continue to open to it all.

What I have learned included a wealth of new books, music, workshops, and personal stories; but most importantly I have opened to a deeper and more clear definition of my own work. Now, to begin to integrate all of this into the steps that I take each day. Both in my personal and professional lives, as of course,they are both deeply connected within me.

It has been a transformative time, including a bout with the first illness that I’ve had in several years. That also is guidance for me, as I knew I was being cleansed of old beliefs and self images. As always, transformation is personal, it holds space for letting go only to be refilled. And as our weather continues to limp ever so slowly into the spring that is promised, I walk across my own bridges and embrace all of the people, the experiences, and the inner knowing that shines from the other side.

Touching Reasons for Healthcare Planning

Hospice and EOLC Presentation

Touching Reasons for Healthcare Planning

A beautiful group sharing personal reasons to plan

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Alexian Village of Milwaukee, speaking with a large group of senior residents. This was very close to my heart, because my father was seated in the front row, and my presentation was centered on my mother’s own hospice care and death at this very special place.

I was asked to help show the need for planning, especially to help illuminate that we all need to question, to help guide, and help determine our own care choices.  Using my mother’s journey made it very personal to me, and to many of the residents there that knew her and my Dad.

This complex of complete senior care, from independent living through assisted living, to skilled and hospice care provisions truly allows a community of residents and caregivers to exist. As I shared with those present yesterday, I experienced it first hand during my mother’s illness. And I continue to witness it with each visit to my Dad. I am grateful they were blessed in life to allow this.

As I spend this early morning reviewing yesterday, I feel blessed to be a tertiary part of this community. Yesterday was another view into the depth of caring and concern that is extended. And it provided me a chance for my Dad and I to relate in another way also.  Thank you to the staff at Alexian that invited me, and especially to all that provide this loving community to the residents.

Spiritual Support and Mentors

Spiritual Support and Mentors

Our need for others along our path to hold us when our light diminishes


Holding ourselves open and alive feels really great and our radiance glows easily….until we hit an old belief or issue within ourselves. And suddenly our inner beauty first dims to our awareness, and soon to others as well.

We all go through this, it is the process of being conscious. Yet without friends and mentors that are also committed to a similar walk through life, we lose days, weeks, or longer as we recover from these times. It is hard. Very hard.

I have many friends that hold me accountable, and I am grateful each time their honesty nudges me back towards my own light. When I have faltered, and those old tapes are blaring loudly within me, it is these friends and mentors that love me back towards my own path.

Today I thank each of you. Today I pray that each of you reaches out for these loving others in your life. Today I pray that we each surround ourselves in community so that our light shines ever brightly in our world. Our world needs us…all of us.


Receiving Each Moment

Receiving Each Moment

True mindfulness in the acceptance of each moment as it is


The quiet time of year has arrived in my life, both for the tourist area that I live in as well as in my choice of activities.  With it has come some discomfort as I both welcome my cocooning to write and develop new programs while also feeling the disconnection from many of my usual activities.

I have utilized many tools over the years to quiet my mind, learning to listen to the inner whispers of my soul as clearly as possible throughout my day.  I spent many years incorporating the lessons from A Course in Miracles that teach this very awareness.  But this year especially, I am adopting these in a moment to moment choice as I refuse to look ahead or behind at any turn in my day. Having a goal oriented nature, this is awe inspiring for me as I choose to completely receive each moment as it comes.  This includes my activities, my focus on outer goals, commitments for my time and attention, as well as with my finances.

I have found such inner peace and rest, just as the many spiritual teachings have promised.  I find the lessons I am learning here to be vastly rich and enlivening, as I watch my control evaporating. And with it, new eyes for all of the goal setting used in our ego based world as well as with the many spiritually based programs that promise the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  I feel the exact right choices come before my awareness to assure that my future steps will be perfectly aligned with my purpose and worldly needs.  I am grateful beyond measure for this and as my world shifts with the spring weather, I will incorporate this into the more busy, outer time in my lifestyle.


The Joy Within Us

The Joy Within Us

Opening to a conversation with our own sacred self


The first of two sessions on Meditative Journaling has taken place….our group was engaged and interested to see what this was all about.  Each of us shared a bit initially, and then we began the process of using meditation and pens to paper to learn about ourselves.

As we spent our time together in a beautiful, intimate space in Sturgeon Bay WI. We all felt the group energy carrying us deeply inside. After each exercise, we shared as we felt comfortable….and quickly felt the support of one another. We ended the session with an unexpected view as a huge ship made its way through the Sturgeon Bay Canal directly before our window.  I must admit, it distracted us as we chose to enjoy this awesome event seemingly within arm’s reach rather than focusing on the planned writing session!

The second session will be this Saturday, and I am excited to return and catch up with the group.  I know that I will have many insights to share since our last meeting, and I’m looking forward to hearing from the others. Spending time as a group pursuing this spiritual tool has again piqued an ongoing inner dialogue within me.  I am grateful.