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Life’s Journey

An Indigo Bunting has been at our feeder these past weeks, along with a wide variety of other song birds.  Their pallette ranges from the obscure to the brilliant. A simple change of birdseed and our world has been adorned with these visual and auditory gifts.  I sit quietly each morning, listening to the cardinals’ calls before the dawn illuminates this scene….and I know God. Life surrounds me in each moment, yet my outer world of work and its challenges constantly threatens to rob me of this connection.  I am in the midst of several changes that I feel certain will help support my awareness and inner life.  Our new home will have the nature and privacy I so need for my creative self, and a new work environment will help to rest my mind.  Finally. Our bird feeders will come with us, I invite these precious birds to find other food nearby.  And I send a silent, meditative invitation to the wildlife at our new home to quickly sense our safety and show their presence.  These are the changes that are right for me, for us.  I welcome them all.

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  1. Leslie

    What an incredibly beautiful bird! And such a lovely piece you’ve written. I, too, start my morning in a conversation with nature. One of our 2 rescue cats sits with me at our window upstairs, looking out over the evergreens and the hills – alive with the birds and the bunnies. We are so grateful. And so blessed.


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