Doulagivers of Door County WI

Doulagivers of Door County WI

Marggie Hatala

Marggie Hatala uses her years of experience within end of life care as a Doulagivers Specialist: she is a Certified Elder Care Doula, an End of Life Doula, and a Care Consultant. An End of Life Doula (other names are Death Doula, Soul Midwife, and Transition Companion) is a non-medical professional that offers holistic support to the dying and their loved ones. This role combines training in all end of life processes including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation that the dying person experiences. An End of Life Doula creates sacred space and offers deep spiritual presence at each visit, helping all to feel safe and supported which brings peace.


Doulagivers provides training and certification for End-of-Life practitioners who are leading the way in the support and care for our elder population.  Doulagivers is dedicated to educating, supporting, and caring for patients and their families during the last phase of life offering three (3) specialized areas of training: Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Doula, Doulagivers Care Consultant, and Doulagivers Eldercare Doulas.

A Doulagivers End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical professional that is trained to provide holistic care (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) to an individual and their family throughout the various end of life stages.  A Doulagiver Care Consultant is trained to help individuals create living well end of life/aging plans, as well as the necessary documentation to ensure that an individual’s wishes are honored at end.  A Doulagivers Eldercare Doula is trained to care for aging seniors by being a companion through the aging process. A Doulagivers Specialist is trained in the complete Doulagivers program and is certified in all three of the certification programs. A Doulagivers Specialist offers a complete business package to assist throughout the aging process until end of life.

As a Doulagivers Lead Trainer, Marggie shares her passion through many speaking engagements and with those that want to learn more about the Doulagivers Training Programs. Her love of connection helps to bring people together to discuss death, dying, grief, and many other topics. Marggie offers enrollment into the Doulagivers Training Programs which includes her individual mentoring and group support. As a mentor, Marggie leads each person towards a deeply peaceful inner relationship, while training in solid fundamentals of caring for those facing the end of their lives. She has created a wide circle of those that work with her to offer one another support, resources, updates, and referrals. For these Doulagivers Doulas, the sacred support that they offer becomes a circle of love and encouragement beyond those they care for.

In addition, Marggie Hatala offers individual sessions as an Inner Life Coach. As an author, Reiki Master, and teacher about End of Life Issues, Marggie combines her years of deep connection with those facing these issues with her spiritual healing energy tools to lead her clients through these deeply emotional experiences. Marggie creates a meditative atmosphere with each client, and then uses reflective writing prompts to help clients explore their deepest selves. Allowing each client to open to the voice of the divine within them, this creates a gentle opening to the transformative power that these transitions create. Inner Life Coaching can be done in person or virtually so that this is available to clients who wish to remain in the privacy of their own homes.

Become a Certified End of Life Doula or Specialist

Welcome to the beauty and compassion that working with those at End of Life brings. I am excited to talk more with you about becoming a Doulagivers Certified End of Life Doula or a Doulagivers Specialist.  

Speaking Engagements

I welcome the chance to discuss your group’s need for information or discussion about the many issues of End of Life. I offer speaking in person or through virtual platforms.