Life Doula

Life Doula

Marggie Hatala

Marggie Hatala uses her years of experience within end of life care as a Doulagivers Specialist: she is a Certified Elder Care Doula, a Certified End of Life Doula, and a Care Consultant. Combining this training with her years of experience as an RN, Marggie offers holistic, non-medical support as a Life Doula. In this way, Marggie walks with her clients through the challenges of chronic illness, aging and decline, and continues through their final days offering her deep spiritual presence, extensive knowledge and experience, and peaceful assurance allowing them to feel the depth of her support.

Life Doula Services

Elder Care Walk

  • Visits to support and affirm the aging person, creating space for deep conversations, helping to stimulate life recall and emotional memory of a life fully lived
  • Assisting the client to find life closure, offer forgiveness to self and others, encouraging renewed contacts with friends, family, or community members
  • Creating legacies in visual or fiber arts, writing, photos, and many others
  • Visiting places of interest or that hold deep memories, using the client’s car
  • Accompanying client to the ADRC, Memory Café, and other sponsored community events

Cost of Elder Care Walk

  • $50/hour with initial retainer of $250 (offer refund of 50% of unused hours if cancelled)
  • Packages available for long-term clients at reduced rates
  • Mileage and travel time beyond Sturgeon Bay additional fee

End of Life Walk

  • Consultation visit with client and/or family to establish care plan needs, included in package price if services engaged. Hourly rate applies if services not engaged
  • Frequent visits, daily during final days, to offer holistic support to dying person and their loved ones. Average visit 1.5-2 hours or longer
  • Work cohesively with hospice and medical team providing consistent presence and creation of sacred space, guidance to support medical plan of care, and reassurance about dying process
  • Vigil stay during final hours, does not include 24 hour/overnight
  • Loving care of body and support to bereaved if desired by family
  • Visit(s) with primary caregiver after patient passing to support caregiver during bereavement

Cost of End of Life Walk

  • Packages range $1800-$3000 determined by situation, diagnosis, and length of expected service Paid in full after initial consultation

In her walk with clients, Marggie offers compassionate guidance through life challenges, information and suggestions for their safety or other needs, as well as helping to create legacies to share with those they love. As a Life Doula, Marggie helps her client or loved ones in any way that leads them towards life closure, seeking forgiveness or offering it, and in creating legacies while encouraging meaningful conversations with those they are in relationship with. Her role is not to fix, repair, or in any way make these things happen. Instead, Marggie offers her deep presence that creates sacred space for the client to feel loved and supported, recognizing words shared, or silences that beg expression and allowing  them to be voiced. Using her love of reflective writing, she often helps record stories, to create picture memories, or to help connect with friends and family members after a long absence. In this way, Marggie is available in the moment to direct her words and actions, rather than to visit with predetermined needs to be accomplished.

In addition, Marggie Hatala offers individual sessions as an Inner Life Coach. As an author, Reiki Master, and teacher about End of Life Issues, Marggie combines her years of deep connection with those facing these issues with her spiritual healing energy tools to lead her clients through these deeply emotional experiences. Marggie creates a meditative atmosphere with each client, and then uses reflective writing prompts to help clients explore their deepest selves. Allowing each client to open to the voice of the divine within them, this creates a gentle opening to the transformative power that these transitions create. Inner Life Coaching is held with private online sessions allowing you to remain in the privacy of your own home or other space.

Speaking Engagements

I welcome the chance to discuss your group’s need for information or discussion about the many issues of End of Life. I offer speaking in person or through virtual platforms.