Maggie Hatala - Author

Marggie is the author of Sally: A Memoir (2014, Create Space),
and Life As A Prayer (2019, Kindle Direct Publishing).

SallySally: A Memoir is the story of her mother’s journey through aging and finally her death in hospice care. Realizing that her mother’s illness and death provided the story that she had sought to explain her love for those that are dying, Marggie shares this very personal memoir of her family life, her mother’s declining years, and the sacred space that she held for her mother on during her final hours. Sally: A Memoir demonstrates Marggie’s daily use of meditative journaling to help her to deal with the deeply emotional journey that she was walking during this time.

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Life-as-a-prayerLife as a Prayer is the story of Marggie’s spiritual transformation during her many years as a hospice nurse. Using her daily spiritual practice of meditative journaling, she reflects honestly on the many authentic life lessons that the dying and their loved ones demonstrated. Life as a Prayer shares many glimpses into her interaction with these life mentors and her co-workers within hospice, followed by her reflection on the life lesson that each provides. Meditation and journal prompts are provided for the reader to explore while developing a deep dialogue with the sacred voice within each of us. Life as a Prayer is an invitation into a deep inner awareness developed through meditation and journaling. It brings the life lessons of the dying into the light of a life lived fully in mindfulness and presence through self-discovery and emotional honesty.

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Reflective Writing

Inner life coaching and workshops

Using her journal as a daily tool for self-exploration, Marggie has spent many years adding meditation, breathwork, and other centering activities to allow her deepest self to be accessed in the words that flow to her pages. This has formed the basis of her ongoing spiritual practice that mirrors the contemplative practices that she learned in her pursuit of her own spiritual growth throughout her lifetime.

Marggie devotes her Reflective Writing Workshops to helping participants to develop this deep inner awareness as the whispers of the divine voice inside reveals itself. In these workshops, an explanation of the process is offered, meditation and breathwork are combined with music to help all present to quiet their minds and come into their bodies.

I have always kept a journal, and consider myself a writer…I was surprised at what I learned with Marggie. Between… breathing and meditation techniques,… and the atmosphere she provides, I have learned many things that I will be putting to use in my daily rituals. Very helpful and very enlightening….would definitely recommend to my family and friends…
- Carrie W. L.


Only then, are prompts offered to help guide the inner questions that await answers beyond the conscious mind. Sharing is optional but deeply encouraged so that all awareness illuminated is owned by the writer, and can then be carried forward into life.

 Past participants have told her that this has “changed their hearts”, that they “have discovered a reality within them that they never knew existed” and similar comments. Marggie’s skill in guiding others away from answering from their minds, instead centering and awaiting an inner impulse to write, helps to light the way inward where emotional honesty and self-affirmation is expressed. These workshops can be focused on a particular topic or virtue, or are designed to help draw out a particular awareness for all that participate. Each is created in a culture of absolute safety and respect, and where all partipants feel deeply connected as a group.

In addition to hosting workshops, Marggie also offers individual Inner Life Coaching to those that are interested in every deepening this inner connection and also for those dealing with serious illness and grief. Her coaching uses Reiki and other vibrational tools to help to open energy blocks, such as aromatherapy, sound, crystals, and many others. Each tool is chosen intuitively and appropriate to the situation. Reflective writing prompts are then offered and a very deep awareness follows through the words that are then shared. For those that seek an ongoing spiritual journey, Marggie’s Inner Life Coaching provides sacred mentoring along the path.