Life Doula


Marggie brings her whole self to her work with clients as they age and deal with chronic illness, as well as in her walk beside them into their end-of-life journey.

Marggie has many years of clinical experience within hospice and home care nursing. She brings all of that with her and combines it with her deeply intuitive gifts.

Marggie is a Reiki Master and Holistic Healer Practitioner and uses these energy healing modalities to create deeply sacred space with clients. They experience the total openness and acceptance of unconditional love while Marggie consciously opens her heart to act as a vessel for Divine love. Clients first find peace, often find awareness of areas that create issues for them, or they find the space and words for difficult conversations with loved ones. All clients experience acceptance and the ability for self-honesty while feeling affirmed, loved, and supported.

Marggie is passionate about the sacredness of each person and finds ways to touch on each client’s unique contribution to our world. Often writing or video is used to help share these stories so that they can live on. Other times, Marggie helps clients to reach out to friends or family connections that were not maintained, working to strengthen them through letters or phone calls. Life closure is very naturally encouraged and many areas of regret or doubt are brought to the light for healing.

Loved ones are always integral in Marggie’s work; each member of the intimate circle is supported and affirmed, guidance is always available if desired, and the entire circle walks forward autonomously but in unity. Some family members want help with final plans, memorials, legacy creation, and many other services. Marggie offers her experience and connections within the community to help assure them. Marggie also maintains these relationships into the bereavement period for any support the loved ones may find helpful.

Each client’s journey is unique, and packages for Marggie’s support are individually developed to meet their needs and goals. Every package includes an initial consultation, all visit and travel time, and other communications. Packages are required to be paid in full at the time of contract by check or credit card.  Prices begin at $3000, with usual range $3-5000.

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Death Doulas:
Supporting Families During A Loved One's Final Days

When we hear the term “doula,” we probably most often think of a birth doula – someone who helps bring new life into the world. However, increasingly, doulas are also helping people through their final days. Listen as Marggie Moertl discusses end-of-life support prior to and throughout the dying experience on the Remembering a Life podcast.