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Holiday Wishes

By Marggie Hatala | December 21, 2015

Holiday Wishes The many blessings of our season Well, its finally our Christmas week beginning here in Door County WI.  I had to use a picture from last winter since we have unusually warm weather this year, a December that has not yet provided us with the usual blanket of white to curl beneath. My…

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Tips For Those Grieving During the Holidays

By Marggie Hatala | December 16, 2015

Tips for Those Grieving During the Holidays The holidays can feel surreal when you are grieving As a very young mother, my first experience of deep, dark, and difficult grief came just three weeks before Christmas, when I had a stillbirth of a beautiful girl. I remember well, all these years later, what the holiday…

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Being Present throughout the Holidays

By Marggie Hatala | December 8, 2015

Being Present throughout the Holidays Stay connected to your true self as you embrace the holiday season The holiday rush has begun in my life, and already I’m feeling the change in the energy of my world. I chose the image today of a sculpture by Joseph Mendla. It is part of his series that…

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Embrace the New Year with Meditative Journaling

By Marggie Hatala | December 1, 2015

Embrace the New Year with Meditative Journaling Share silence with others as you open a conversation with the sacred within Join this 2 Part Workshop surrounded by Door County’s natural beauty                                 Sturgeon Bay’s Centerpointe Marina          Saturday, January…

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Shifting Towards Our Inner Identity

By Marggie Hatala | November 23, 2015

Shifting Towards Our Inner Identity The peaceful world that we create as we let go of our outer selves I awoke to the first dusting of snow here in Door County WI. This blanket of white immediately brought the mystery of life to my mind, as I felt the peaceful quiet that radiated from it.…

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A Special Holiday Gift

By Marggie Hatala | November 17, 2015

A Special Holiday Gift Mothers, Daughters, Aging Parents  This memoir evokes deep resonance with anyone who has begun to experience the aging of their parents. As my mother began to decline in her older age, my journal became my healing tool that helped me to explore my deepest feelings. I have brought some of those…

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Inner Life Coaching

By Marggie Hatala | November 10, 2015

Inner Life Coaching Leading towards a life lived from the “inside out” Our eternal selves look at our life lived here in this lifetime as a journey; one without description as good or bad, happy or sad, and all the other adjectives that we attach to the experiences we have. As I’ve learned to see…

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Choices at End of Life

By Marggie Hatala | November 4, 2015

  Choices at End of Life Unexplained consequences of choices we are asked to make When I became a family member asked to make decisions for my mother several years ago, I was stunned as I experienced the patient’s side of healthcare. I have been a registered nurse for many years, and have worked within…

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Living Life From The Inside Out

By Marggie Hatala | October 29, 2015

Living Life From The Inside Out Turning inward to our soul-self takes guidance I work with clients to at all stages of their life and health, leading them inward towards their soul-self. This eternal part of each of us simply is, the place of our being. As we learn to identify with our I AM, our definition of life…

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The Rythm of Fall

By Marggie Hatala | October 13, 2015

The Rythm of Fall Responding to the energy of this season It was an incredibly beautiful fall afternoon here in Door County WI yesterday. Aware that gale force winds and rain were predicted last night, I seized the chance to spend hours outdoors in our beautiful yard. Our many hostas and lilies have begun to…

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