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Mother Earth

By Marggie Hatala | October 7, 2015

Mother Earth The awesome power of our natural world I just returned from a week spent in Wyoming. My daughter, and her family, recently moved there and this was my first visit. I have been through Wyoming on several trips West in years past, but never to really see and explore this incredible state. What…

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By Marggie Hatala | September 23, 2015

Memory Memories and their role in our life This morning I experienced a long forgotten memory. Experienced, because during my meditation time, I not only saw the image of this moment in my life, but I also felt the emotion of it too. Throughout the day, I have felt almost a flow of energy as…

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Holding Sacred Space

By Marggie Hatala | September 14, 2015

Holding Sacred Space Remaining present to others allows deep emotional connection  In my work with those facing serious illness or transition from this world, holding my presence with the deepest love allows a connection that is transcendent. Providing unconditional love to whomever I am meeting with, and maintaining the place without ego or self, brings…

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Care Coordination

By Marggie Hatala | September 8, 2015

Care Coordination Reassurance for out of town family When my aging  mother began to decline and require closer medical supervision, I lived many hours away. As not only a worried daughter, but also a “nurse daughter”, this distance became almost unbearable to me. I had family members that lovingly visited her, provided all the support…

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Conscious Dying

By Marggie Hatala | September 4, 2015

Conscious Dying Planning our care as we need and want it at our end of life I learned of the passing of Wayne Dyer, a spiritual mentor and role model for myself and many others, last week. I had read about his illness, his treatment choices, and now his passing…all done in the manner that…

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Living Inside Out

By Marggie Hatala | August 29, 2015

Living Inside Out The world appears radiant from within There are many buzz words out there these days, all about living abundantly and in the world as we manifest it. I think that’s great….or maybe I do. The words entice all of us to live with greater joy, something that lifts our spirits and our…

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Decisions, Choices, and Advocates For Our Care

By Marggie Hatala | August 18, 2015

Decisions, Choices, and Advocates for Our Care Even the best of care needs to be overseen to assure our wishes are honored My years as a registered nurse has proven to me the great importance that a personal advocate for anyone receiving care becomes. Our healthcare professionals, like myself, are well-intentioned but also open to their own…

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Breath, Movement, Poetry

By Marggie Hatala | August 5, 2015

Breath, Movement, Poetry Using these tools creates a life within the whole This week I have been blessed to attend the Poetry and Yoga Workshop sponsored by Write On,Door County. I have found it to be one of the most inspirational and transformative workshops that I have ever participated in. We were lead through yoga, breathwork,…

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End of Life Conversations

By Marggie Hatala | July 24, 2015

End of Life Conversations Featured guest on “Going Home with Tony” I am excited to be the featured guest of Tony Scimeca on his radio program this week, Thursday 7/30 at 5PM. I look forward to a lively conversation with Tony and hope that it will encourage others to “Start the Conversation” about our individual…

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Trusting the Process

By Marggie Hatala | July 14, 2015

Trusting the Process Allowing life to unfold in it’s own way My presentation last week to the residents of a local assisted living facility was delightful, and I left feeling filled from the experience. In addressing a group that could teach me many things about accepting our mortality, the conversation enriched me and left me…

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