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Compassionate Guide

By Marggie Hatala | April 29, 2015

Compassionate Guide Offering support, knowledge, and depth of spirit to those nearing the end of life In my work as an End of Life Consultant, I offer my services as a Compassionate Guide to those nearing the end of their life. My role is one of deep listening to the needs and desires of the…

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Care Coordinator

By Marggie Hatala | April 22, 2015

Care Coordinator Walking with others through the diagnosis of a serious illness  In my new role as an End of Life Consultant, I am available to help those facing a serious or terminal diagnosis in a variety of ways. I use my deep experience within oncology and hospice nursing to offer guidance, teaching, and support. As…

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Nearing the End

By Marggie Hatala | April 14, 2015

  Nearing the End Turning inward in preparation My work with those nearing death is in transition from hospice nursing to acting as an independent consultant. I so love working with people at this time, and now am stepping into a role as guide and support. I will offer my Reiki Master (Japanese healing technique)…

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Spring’s Rebirth

By Marggie Hatala | April 9, 2015

Spring’s Rebirth Life stretches and grows Spring is here, some days in all her glory, others I must look hard to see it is here. These past weeks have held special significance to me as it was a year ago that my youngest granddaughter was born simultaneously with the publication of my book, Sally: A…

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My Soul’s Elemental Nature

By Marggie Hatala | April 2, 2015

  My Soul’s Elemental Nature Fire…Metal… In our new home, we are slowly personalizing our space. We’ve lived here almost a year, and have savored this home and yard’s beauty daily. Yet the long winter’s darkness cried out for a fireplace to carry us through. We had enjoyed our outdoor fire pit until the subzero blast…

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Present To Life

By Marggie Hatala | March 19, 2015

Present to Life Why facing our mortality leads to becoming fully alive I have been preparing to lead a class on meditative journaling the past few weeks. As I assemble the many tools that I plan to use, it has caused me to stop and rename the transformation that I continue to experience as I…

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Sally: A Memoir

By Marggie Hatala | March 12, 2015

  Sally: A Memoir My mother’s story….my journey It was just a year ago that I was editing my book,  and preparing to publish. This year has found me taking steps that are new, finding steady ground as I gradually moved from my life as I knew it then, to the life of my soul’s…

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Journaling to Peace

By Marggie Hatala | March 6, 2015

Journaling to Peace Meditation through the written word I have sought solitude and peace with my journal each morning for many years. My notebooks fill many shelves in my home; I rarely return to reread any portion of them yet I savor them as I would precious memories of time spent with loved ones. I…

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By Marggie Hatala | February 27, 2015

 Seasons Inching towards spring I love winter, yet it has begun to really lose its charisma. Each year, the long days of February and March urge me towards the outer life once again. This year is no different, I am beginning to look avidly for signs that I will again be outdoors more than indoors.…

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The Art of Surrender

By Marggie Hatala | February 20, 2015

The Art of Surrender Facing my resistance….again Why is surrendering my control so very difficult at times? I have found the past few weeks spiritually painful as I lost my openness and flow. I knew that it was there, that I was in process and that it would again return. I had an incredible energy…

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