Life as a Prayer

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Life as a Prayer is the story of Marggie Hatala’s spiritual transformation during her many years as a hospice nurse. Using her daily spiritual practice of meditative journaling, she reflects honestly on the many authentic life lessons that the dying and their loved ones demonstrated. Life as a Prayer shares many glimpses into her interaction with these life mentors and her co-workers within hospice, followed by her reflection on the life lesson that each provides. Meditation and journal prompts are provided for the reader to explore while developing a deep dialogue with the sacred voice within each of us. Her story is an invitation into a deep inner awareness developed through meditation and journaling. It brings the life lessons of the dying into the light of a life lived fully in mindfulness and presence through self-discovery and emotional honesty.


1 review for Life as a Prayer

  1. Wendy Van Valkenburg

    It takes courage, given our culture’s current beliefs on death, to state “I Love Death”, but that is what Marggie Hatala clearly does in her new book “Life as a Prayer”.

    Sharing lessons learned in her career as a hospice nurse and end-of-life consultant, she takes us through the reasons why she loves death, what being along side of it repeatedly has taught her.

    Supported by her own spiritual practice she has taken these valuable lessons of death to a personal depth that has ultimately shaped her life. She offers hope and a useful tool to use when struggling to understand life’s challenging lessons.

    “Life as a Prayer” is a must read for all nurses, not just hospice. Actually, it is for anyone who wants a glimpse of how to do the work of dying as we live each day of our precious lives.

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