Sharing Our Journey of Loss When a Parent Passes

Sharing Our Journey of Loss When a Parent Passes

Walking through the many medical glitsches when our parents are terminally ill

Jefferson Street Books

I shared my Saturday morning with a group of readers, writers, and booklovers. I was invited to speak at Jefferson Street Books in my community of Sturgeon Bay WI. I presented my book, Sally: A Memoir which details my walk with my own mother through her hospice care. The morning was lively and intimate, since the subject matter creates deep feelings and memories for all present.

I so enjoyed the time, and always feel inspired to share more after these meetings. We all love and have known loss…but how often do we revisit the deep feelings that we experienced during these times? And how often do we reflect on the changes in our lives since we walked through this in our lives?

I left Jefferson Street Books feeling peaceful and expanded, having touched and been touched by others. That is my purpose for writing this book, and sharing the very intimate details of my own life and family.


4 thoughts on “Sharing Our Journey of Loss When a Parent Passes

  1. Tina Games

    I can SO relate, Marggie! ~ When my mother passed away very suddenly four years ago, it was “writing” that allowed me to process the transition and grieve in my own way. And this writing led to a series of blog posts, articles, and chapters in two different anthologies. It also led to a series of speaking engagements where I talked about the sudden loss of my mother and what it had provoked within me. I inspired many people through these stories – and was deeply grateful to my mother for continuing her legacy through my words.

    1. Leslie

      Love seeing this picture of you sharing your gift, Marggie! Oh, I think we need to move our family to Door Co – so we can benefit from you and your generous, wise, loving heart.

  2. Kailean Welsh

    It is writing about my dad’s death that has brought me great peace. Through the process, I have gained a deeper understanding of who he was and a deeper relationship, even after death. Sounds like a great Saturday morning!


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